It is a story of Mumbai’s cardiologist, who started his practice in 1995. In the beginning he faced lots of problems of medico legal type. Nothing was going smoothly. Even staff had inter relation, working problem. The life become worst when someone tried to black mail Doctor. Then Doctor came to me. He was advised to change his consultation rooms position, seating arrangement and so on. Even operation theatre, Patients sleeping position at time of operation and later on was told as per Vastushastra principals. Advice for main entrance gate, underground water tank, table position sets was given.

Within three years results were magical. Now all the operations are quick and successful. Financial position has been improved. Patients are recovering fast. The mortality rate is zero. There is improvement in staff inter-relationship, now no one wants to quit. Now life is tension free. Now within last 3 years Doctor has received two very prestigious awards. What else he or you expect from Vastushastra?
It is yet another unbelievable story of Vastushastra. Ajay left his construction Job/ marketing 1995. He started export business and real construction. Also take a brand-new car maruti in 1995. Naturally to protect car from rains and bright sun light he made a shed spending RS 26,000/- And then the trouble started which he never came to know till I advised him to remove it!

He had very tough life and was getting no outlet as even recession had started in construction industry. Believing in my advise he removed shed and then he started getting results. He got two jobs out of which he opted for marketing job in one of the reputed construction company. He got good salary (actual more than that of his expectation) This is amazing because you know the recession in construction industry when construction companies are removing the staff, he gets job? ! Yes that is vastushastra. Now also if you visit to his residence in the night you will find his car outside garden without shed, while shed material still lies backside in garden. After facing 2 years of bad patch can he dare to do it again? Never.
Ajay and Vijay are two partners of reputed construction firm M/S AV Builders. They, constructed one scheme called “Que America” at very good locality. This scheme has two rows of Row houses. There is a road on south side. Ajay decided to beep row house no.10 near to D.P. road while Vijay opted for RH No.1, which is deep inside with respect to road. Now in these row houses one can do computer software business etc. as this type of business is per possible by local Municipal Corporation.

If this is the situation, then who has to get Maximum returns by leasing the premises Ajay or Vijay? Any commercial premises close to main D.P. road will do better. Is is not? So Ajay should do better earnings than Vijay? Is it not?

The situation in reality is other way Why? Because of Vastu reasons. Both RH No 10 & 1 faces east, but RH 10 is at the southwest corner while RH # 1 is at North East corner with better topological as per Vastu norms. Hence unbelievably Vijay makes than money. Within last 4 years in RH No 10, two companies (reputed) came and went since they could not work successfully while in RH # 1 still from beginning only one company is continuing. Naturally Vijay gets better returns!(Almost double than that of Ajay !)
Who knows better property transfer deals? You me or a builder? The answer will be builder. Exactly, this is a story of Nagpur’s famous builder who had one son. In 1986 he constructed a bungalow (architecturally beautiful) on hill near Nagpur City for his son. Unfortunately it was on almost triangular plot (actual trapezoidal shape of plot) with east facing house. Since triangular plot is not good as per Vastu rooms, the son staying there faced lot of problems. His mind was never stable and always used to spend all his money on gambling, games etc. Naturally father was most worried person. Even at home the relationships between wife and son were strained. All problems continued till 1996 (ten years).

In 1996 they approached me. We decided to work in phases. Being a triangular plot and since eastern south -east was extended they were facing legal problems. We changed in house kitchen, dining hall, bed, toilets etc. In fact by enclosing balconies, we made a master bed in southwest side. Their changes were done in phase I. we had decided to wait and observe the results. The results were quite satisfactory.

They had following benefits
1.The bungalow and plot on which they were staying for last 10 years became legally on their name. A great financial gain itself.
2.There was relation improvement in son and his wife. Same time with all other relatives, the relations were improved.
3. The son started working and financial gains started.
4. The problems heat related health problems stopped. (like Piles, B.P. etc.)

They got better health. Now due to above good results they have decided to go for phase II. (Which is plot modification and north opening etc.) SO Vastu can be worked and in phase too ! This phase II modification will stop their problems.
Some how almost all people think that south facing Vastues are bad and can never be prosperous. In fact, it is not so. Vastushastra has no limitations. Any south or West facing Vastu can be made progressive, money earnings.

This is the story of “Golden studio” in Mumbai. The owner started studio in 1985, this is basically a South facing studio and was not giving lucrative results till I modify it in 1996/97. Here we changed room position recordist seating. Direction of and position of machinery (recording system and other changes such as toilets, windows etc. The results were fabulous within next two years.

Now they are doing very good business. The recording is fast and more accurate. It is totally acceptable by client, in a sense no work when back or rejected. Now new computer and other allied instruments are added. (Since now money is not problem) The owners son is taking keen interest in work and now father is most happy person on the earth!
This is one of the most interesting case I came across. This is in Pimpri Chinchwad Industrial Area. There was one industrial unit subdivided into three different units for business purpose. The owner was same for all these three units.

The owner used to get loans and other help for his two units but for third unit he never used to get any help from bank or other financial institute. What was working. Also in this third unit a big machine which was installed in North-East never used to work properly from day one of its installation. Also this third unit had problem of electroplating unit and its process water in working direction etc.. Also few depressions were against Vastu norms. On rectification of these faults this third unit also became progressive.
We always feel that money can solve any problem. Rather when ample of money is there, what can be problem ? Till July, 99 even I was of same opinion, But today my opinion is totally different, the reason is …. ? Yes, In Wagale Industrial Area there is company/industrial complex made by Big Indian Company in collaboration with Swiss company. This company came into existence in 1996. This project is work of Rs. 15-20 Crores value with stone cladded walls and tremix flooring in entire area of workshops. Today also factory is in brand new conditions. The original owners could do production only once and then everything stopped.

The unbelievable thing is that this factory is against Vastu norms. Today we have suggested alteration which involves demolition work of Rs. 40 to 50 Lacs. But this is must. And new owners are doing these alterations! the work is in progress.
Some times I really wonder when I see the in-depth study of our old Vastushastra scholars. We have solutions to each and every possible problem. This is the case in 1996-97. One day Ritesh come to my office and requested me to visit to his house. What was wrong ? Ritesh used to stay in Somwar Peth and had lost twin babies with in two days after premature delivery of his wife. Next time he had decided to go to reputed doctor (better hospital/maternity home). As per this he started taking consultancy from Dr. Rajeev a famous child specialist. The doctors used to carry sonography and other related test for almost every month. Inspite of this Mrs. Ritesh had premature delivery and she again lost her child (son this time). The doctors could not save the child. This was the exact reason why Ritesh had come to me. He thought that probably ‘Vastu’ only could have a solution to his problem. In fact sitting in the office itself, I told him the Vastu reason why this had happened twice. Then we changed kitchen and bedroom positions, kitchen platform etc. and after that the results were magical. Third time his wife had a normal delivery and they blessed with baby girl. Today his daughter Tina is about two years old and having good health.
A house designed as per Vastu norms brings occupant health, wealth and good relations with others, I do not think any other science on earth have this strength. It had reflected in so many cases of my different clients.

This is the case of Mr. Shastri who came to me in 1996. He was curious to get his house designed as per Vastu norms. I gave him a simple design. He started working on it. This comes under ‘earth quake affected’ people and he got aids sanctioned by government. Due to this available (unexpected) finance he could complete his home which was under halfway completion for last so many years.

As per his letter to me, he had major impact on relations with his uncles and other cousin brothers. Previously they had strained relations but now to his wonder the relations have become cardinal. Even the atmosphere at home in joint family has improved and now they are most happy.
This is yet another unbelievable story regarding ’Vastu ‘application. I happened to do a bungalow for an 55 years civil contractor who had himself a carrier for last 30 years. I did this civil contractor’s bungalow at Bibweadi, Pune.

His brother had a factory in city area and wondered about why his brother (contractor) needs a young Vastu consultant like me to do his bungalow ?. He too decided to take consultation from me for factory and his proposed new bungalow near Dhankawadi area. The problems of factory owner were less production in factory and the behavior of his young son. His son use to take away money from people and never to give it to father. Every day they used to suffer due to same.

I designed a bungalow (on paper) as per Vastu norms and design was given to contractor brother for implementation. He had so much of construction experience so I never bothered of visiting to his Vastu on completion. It is the time when Pune University came to me for my interview and for my client’s interview. The results he got were wonderful. The attitude of his son had changed completely. The son who used to take away money from time is rather now giving money at home. He is now helping his father in cloth business. The house has become total prosperous and every one at home is happy.

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