Magi astrology is quite old astrology method. It considers the nine planets and in addition to this, it also considers newly added planets like Seres, Juno, Chiron, Westa and Palas. This method must have started during the Babylon civilization. Here mostly all civilization was along the banks of the rivers so that water was readily available for farming. There were only two calamities – flood and war. People used to generally sleep under the sky and had a clear view of the stars. It was generally observed that during the time of war a red star used to shine in the sky. This was called the mars. Further it was observed that even if the position of Mars changed there used to be war like situation. This led to the study of the planets, their positions and their properties.

When you sleep looking skyward you feel that the sky is circular. Hence the “Patrika” then was circular. To get the position of the planets the sky was divided into 12 equal parts. These parts are our 12 zodiac signs. When the sky was divided into 12 equal parts it was observed that if 2 or more planets are at an angle of 30, 60, 90,120, 150, 180 degrees then an important event takes place. Though the position of the planets changes it does not change its basic property.

When the angle between 2 planets is 30, 60, 120 then an good event takes place & when it is 90,150,180 then an untoward incident happens. If 2 planets come very close to each other it is considered a good omen. Similarly it was also observed that if 2 or more planets formed asymmetric figure it was a good sign. A person born with such planetary positions becomes rich & famous. There are various formations like Kite, Trine, T-Square, Star of David, Golden Rectangle, Yod which are forbearers of important events.

This science was based on the positions of Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Rahu and Ketu. Then Pluto, Neptune, Uranus were also added. Indian astrology does not consider these planets. Later planets like Chiron, Palas, Juno, Westa, Seres were also added. These planets also play a very important role in the fate of a person or event.

Magi Astrology studies each planet, its properties and their formations and predictions are made accordingly.


N.R. Narayan Murthy
(Birth Date: 20th August 1946)

Narayan Murthy is an electrical engineer from National Institute of Engineering, Mysore University. After that he completed his master’s degree from IIT, Kanpur, in 1969. He started working in Indian Institute of Management as a system programmer. After that he joined Patni Computers. He started Infosys with 6 other people in 1981. He worked as a CEO of Infosys for over 20 years.

He was awarded the Padmivibhushan in2008 and Padmashree in 2000. Fortune magazine had listed him as a iconic businessman in the Asian subcontinent in 2003 and CNN had addressed him as one of the world’s important person and businessman. He was awarded “The star of Asia” in 1999. He was in the list of top 10 CEO’s in 2005 along with the likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs etc.

Though he is such a big businessman he was never attracted to money. It was probably his destiny to earn money. That he the reason he knows that the real power of money is not in buying but in the ability to give it. He frequently says “the real power of money is the power to give it away”.

To know the secret of his exemplary success we will study hi “Kundali” in greater detail and ascertain the planetary positions.

Narayan Murthy’s planetary positions show Pluto with Venus in a favourable position. Pluto is in Leo at 11.9 degrees while Venus is in Libra at 11.8 degrees. Pluto = wealth = money earned from very successful business and Venus = the drive to earn money. We can see the conjunction of Neptune & Mars in favorable position with Mercury. These positions are very important as Mercury is the planet of intelligence and implies telecommunication business. Mercury is at a degree of 8.2 in Leo, while Neptune is in Libra at 6.9 degrees, mars is also in Libra at 6.8 degrees. Mars = leadership and Neptune = consistency. Hence he could consistency lead Infosys till the age of 60. His intelligence also helped him achieve this success.

Mercury is at 8.2 degree in Leo while Westa is in Aries at 6.2 degrees. Mercury = intelligence & Westa = inner happiness, hence he never felt drawn to the money he earned with his intelligence. He is still happy staying in his old 1500 sq. ft. flat when he could actually live like a king. He is disturbed by the fact that some people are literally swimming in money whereas some people go to sleep hungry. The positions show “Navapancham Yog” of Chiron and Uranus. Chiron is in Libra at 18.9 degrees & Uranus is in Gemini at 21.2 degrees. This position signifies that the person will work in computer, IT, electrical engineering field and will earn tremendous fame and recognition too as Uranus = fame & Chiron = career.

Jupiter is in Libra at 23.3 degrees and Uranus is in Gemini at 21.2 degrees. Uranus forms a triangle with Jupiter which signifies that he was destined to succeed in the IT field as Uranus = fame and Jupiter = success. His positions show that Jupiter is in conjunction with Juno in Libra at 23.3 and 26 degrees respectively. This is a very important position. It is a well known fact that when he met Sudha Murthy in Pune he did not have any money. But after Sudha Murthy’s inclusion in his life he started getting success. Sudha Murthy is an integral part of Infosys as Jupiter = success and Juno = wife. The position of Palas signifies that after Sudha Murthy entered his life he got success and fame.

Palas is also in triangle with Sun which means the person will be successful in business. Sun is in Leo at 26.7 and Palas is in Sagittarius at 28 degree Vakri. Sun=self confidence, Palas = strategical thinking = business acumen = success, hence he got monetary success. His planetary position make him a successful person both in terms of intelligence and in terms of monetary gains.

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