Never in my dreams did I think that I would write a book on “Vaastu Shashtra”. I was drawn to this subject around 20 years back after reading some Sanskrit and some Epic books. These books always had reference of an ideal home, the directions, the place where it should be built etc. There was also a surge in the public regarding “Vaastu Shashtra”. Thus began my study of “Vaastu Shashtra”.

I am an B.Tech from IIT, Powai. While working in the construction industry I realized that an engineer needs to be updated with all the new technologies, materials, trends and construction methods. With this train of thought I decided to study “Vaastu Shashtra” to fuel my knowledge in the construction industry. To gain knowledge in this subject I read several books and attended many seminars as well. I came across quite a few ambiguities. I was of the mindset that “Vaastu Shashtra” has no real base and was ready to prove all these theories wrong. But as I gained in-depth knowledge I realized that “Vaastu Shashtra” is in fact a science.

While working in the construction industry I realized that the success, timely completion of the scheme, its popularity etc. depended immensely on the place on which it is built and its properties. Books written on “Vaastu Shashtra” were either translations of old Sanskrit books or had just listed the old rules and rituals which were followed by generations. This had no scientific foundation what so ever. Probably the people who wrote these books were astrologers or they did not have the technical background with regards to construction, thus making the books very vague and un-useful.

The conclusions which I have drawn from my study of “Vaastu Shashtra” have been implemented at various places and have been successful. To prove my theories I felt that I should make a case study report of 200-300 houses from a reputed research organization. I took help from a reputed institute in Pune who provided me with financial support for my endeavor. I could access case study reports by Prof. Kharat from Bharati Vidyapeeth which was really an eye opener. Along with our traditional Indian “Vaastu Shashtra” I also studied Chinese “Vaastu Shashtra” which states that apartment, buildings are only made from wood and earth elements and hence they fall in the non progressive category.

In a nutshell, I want “Vaastu Shashtra” to obtain the status of a science and increase its use. To take “Vaastu Shashtra” to its desire zenith there may be two approaches

1. Educating masses Everyone should have basic knowledge of “Vaastu Shashtra” after which they may take an experts advice on some issues. The only concern while educating the masses is that the person who is imparting the knowledge should have a expertise in this field. Sadly though many claim to have “Vaastu Shashtra” knowledge, may not necessarily be complete or appropriate.

2. Acceptance and Trust Whenever we go to the market to buy any product we frequently check its quality and guarantee. Similarly it is very necessary for people to trust and accept the effects and science of “Vaastu Shashtra”. The main aim of writing this book is to create acceptance and trust regarding “Vaastu Shashtra” in the mind of people. The first edition of my book got immense response within a year of its publication, prompting me to go for a second edition. I will forever be grateful to all my readers for their support. I got several calls and letters from Goa, Gujrat, Jalgaon, Nagar etc. stating that the changes they made according to the book were extremely effective. The icing on the cake is the positive feedback I received from doctors and architects too. I have given lectures in many rotary clubs and several other organizations.I have also written several articles. People from different walks of life like doctors, engineers, architects, construction professionals, industrialists etc. have benefitted due to “Vaastu Shashtra” study and implementation. Many people have conquered their financial and physical difficulties. Another observation is that people are turning towards “Feng Shui” for help. I have studied “Feng Shui” as well, hence I try to give advice which is a combination of both “Vaastu Shashtra” and “Feng Shui”. This may also be the reason for high success rate which my clients and I have experienced.

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