Chinese Astrology and Vaastushastra are both sciences which are very similar to each other. The differences lie in its nomenclature and treatment. Vaastushashtra takes its base from the 8 directions – North, East, West, South, Northeast, northwest, Southeast, Southwest. Chinese astrology is also based on same principles. Chinese astrology defines the eight most important things in a person’s life and are mapped to the eight directions as follows

1. Health
2. Wealth
3. Fame or recognition
4. Happy married life
5. Children and their future
6. Helpful friends
7. Career growth
8. Knowledge
These eight needs are arranged in a formation called the “Lo Shu Square” which has 8 directions and is similar to the ” Vastupurush Mandal”.
If a person is satisfied with these eight important needs in life, he is automatically enjoys a good peace of mind. If any one of these is missing in his life, he automatically loses his peace of mind.

Every direction has 8 element associated with it hence imbalance of any one will result in loss of peace of mind. Indians and Chinese follow the same theory of body, mind and spirit. Chinese astrology based on the principle that if we balance these elements everything gets balanced. Vaastushastra does not include the study of time whereas it is included in Chinese astrology. Chinese astrology is based on the principle that “Change is the only constant”. Every direction and its elements are important but their quality changes according to the time. To try to stop this from unbalancing we have to use the theory of Balance and Harmony. Chinese astrology tells us to rearrange various things in our life according to the changing qualities of the elements and the directions.

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