Modern houses are built with the concept of SSB i.e. Strength Stability Beauty with high quality materials and techniques. But to make the house prosperous it has to be built with HWSSB technique i.e. Health Wealth Strength Stability Beauty. The health, wealth can be achieved through correct use of Vaastushashtra.

To make our house HWSSB, I will put forth before you the concept of prosperity index. It is impossible to have the prosperity index at 100% as we cannot change the position of roads, stairs, drainage, Duct etc. the following table shows the weightage of each part of the house to calculate the prosperity index.

Sr. No. Part of the house Weightage (%)
1 Direction and position of the Entrance of the house 30%
2 Angle of inclination with respect to magnetic north 10%
3 Internal structure and use of rooms 10%
4 Staircase landing position 8%
5 Window position and area of windows 7%
6 Duct’s position, size and area 7%
7 Balcony projection, size, direction and area 7%
8 Dead walls and common walls 7%
9 Elevation of rooms (gravity effects for duplex structures) 7%
10 Terrace – Size, Location, Area 7%

If we use all these factors we can get 100% which may not be practically possible.

Prosperity Index Rating
90% and above Very prosperous
60% to 90% Prosperous
40% to 60% Less prosperous
Below 40% Not prosperous

We will talk about the entrance of the house as it has 30% weightage. The adjoining figure shows the good and bad entrance points. The entrances which are in the middle of east and north are always preferable. If the entrance is on the Northeast side then the owner is supposed to be intelligent. If the house is south facing and the entrance is to the Southeast it can become a prosperous home. The Positive Entrance Zone is ABCDE, EFG are Neutral Entrance Zone and GHIJK are Negative Entrance Zones. There should be no entrance in HIJ.

The following table will help you increase the prosperity index of your house

Direction Use of Room
North-East Temple, Study Room
North Living Room, Open Space
Center Family Room, Open Space
South West Master Bedroom
South East Kitchen
North West Second Bedroom, Children’s Bedroom

Though there may be some limitations in the flat these arrangements will certainly help make your house more prosperous. According to the table the kitchen should be to the South East and the cooking platform should be in the South East corner of the kitchen touching the east wall. While cooking we should face East. The sink should be to the North. All heavy material must be to the West and South on shelves. Master bedroom must be to the South West. While sleeping our head must be to the south while our feet must be to the north. Children should study facing East in the North East direction room.

Some points to remember

1. Your house should be square or rectangular in shape.
2. The number of projections in your house is directly proportional to the problems you may face.
3. If important direction are broken it may bring misfortune.
4. South facing houses can be good.
5. We can increase the prosperity of your house by changing the internal arrangements.
6. If your residential house is giving you good wealth, this wealth should be invested in Fixed Deposit, Property etc. it is advisable not to take a new house, shares etc.
7. It is advisable to have windows in all the directions.
8. Kitchen should never be to the North east.
9. Some houses are male dominated. To balance this, it is necessary to have the kitchen in tha right position.
10. The windows to the east and north must be big in size.
11. The magnetic needle should not have more than 10 degrees inclination.

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